“SEO is a marketing function for sure,
but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

Services like Traffup | Are they worth the risk?

Traffup, incase you're not aware, is a service where you follow, retweet, like and otherwise interact with other people's (almost always strangers) social accounts in return for points.  These points then go into an account which is debited when someone interacts with your social accounts.

The reason that services like Traffup are so tempting to newer users of certain platforms is that, before you get taken seriously on Twitter or Facebook (or many other platforms) you need to have a critical mass of followers or likes for your profile or your pages.  It's a chicken and egg situation, if you don't have the followers you won't get the followers.

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If loads of people don't like your page then it is going to take a whole lot of time to get people liking your page.  There is one serious problem with using services like Traffup, and that is that it's not really what social media is all about.  That said, what I'm going to do in this article is present a case where, for a marketer especially, such services are not only useful but the use of them is valid.

I'm going to use Traffup as an example because I've used it before, there are other services like Linkcollider but I'm just not a fan...

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