“SEO is a marketing function for sure,
but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

What it Means to be a Wildcat (through the eyes of Instagram)

By: Bianca Serge – University of Arizona

The University of Arizona

Where the sun is always shining

And palm trees line the sidewalks and the skies

Where Oranges grow in the desert

And “Bear Down” means being proud to be a wildcat

Where the sight of a saguaro reminds you that you’re in Arizona

And your day isn’t complete without a visit to the rec

Where Spring means an afternoon watching baseball

Evenings are often spent in the library…

And the sunsets are some of the best you have ever seen


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A day in the life of an 18 hour, Greek involved, interning, working student.

By: Emma Cole - Marshall University

Tuesday morning that alarm clock rings:
Be prepared. Set multiple alarms for your 9:30am class the night before. If you sleep through on, you’ll sleep through them all. As annoying as it is, get up and get to class!

Sitting in your first class of five for the day:
Open up your planner and evaluate your day ahead of you. You may be falling asleep, but if you stay organized enough and see how busy you are, you’ll wake up real quick!

Another class goes by:
You’ll finally be fully wake and ready to take on your day by 11am, hopefully. Start paying attention, or try to at least! Take some notes. Neat notes that is, you’ve to go be able to read and follow them later.

Still no break but on to your next class:
It is lunch time! You better have your backpack full of snacks. You will constantly have to eat on the go! You do not have time to stop by the student center for a meal.


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Why I Love SUNY Geneseo

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Daniel Lee from SUNY Geneseo. 

You can never walk out of the SUNY Geneseo campus without a smile on. Maybe it’s the cute little town on Main Street or the feeling that the Dr. Seuss tree might actually fall that day, but I doubt either are true. It’s the people surrounding you that make you wonder how a frown is even a thing. The second you walk onto campus you instantly feel a strong sense of community. It’s honestly like walking into Disney World. Everyone is so friendly and smiling. And you just have so much fun when you’re here. There are tons of clubs and organizations where you can develop and pursue your interests. There’s literally a club for everything, so everyone can connect with others with common interests.


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Why I Love CUA (The Catholic University of America)

Meet Intern candidate, Maria Maffucci from The Catholic University of America and learn why she loves her college campus.

Situated in the middle of our nation’s capital, The Catholic University of America’s campus encompasses a combination of urban living and suburban greenery. A university of ~7,000 undergraduate & graduate students, CUA gives every individual a chance to run into a familiar face, while being able to encounter a new one. Whether it’s a Romance language, Farsi, or Chinese you will be sure to experience diversity on a daily basis.


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Why I Love TCNJ (The College of New Jersey)

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Kristen Toro from TCNJ (The College of New Jersey)

TCNJ is not a huge school, it does not have an enormous class, and it is not located in a big busy city. But what TCNJ lacks in size it makes up for with its BIG personality.

What I love most about TCNJ is how big it feels relative to its moderately small size. There is always something to do on campus. There are so many clubs to choose from, and every single student can find a place where they feel that they belong. There are varsity and intramural sports for athletic students, Ethnic clubs for cultured students, various major-specific clubs, and plenty of sororities and fraternities. There is even the Harry Potter Club which hosts a sorting ceremony each year and the Manhunt Club which holds a campus wide Zombies versus Humans event which is so much fun to participate in! On top of that, if you couldn’t find a club of interest to you, you could easily start a new one!


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Why I Love UNC Greensboro

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Joshua Miller from University of North Carolina – Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro means many things to me. It is not only an amazing university where I am receiving a fantastic education in business; it is my home for four years. Knowing this while looking into universities, I kept in mind that I wanted to feel like I was at home while being here. The moment I walked onto our gorgeous campus for the first time, I knew that UNCG was my home. Full of trees and green, beautiful architecture (some buildings over a hundred years old), and all of the history here are a few things about this campus that I noticed and loved right from the start. As I dove deeper into everything UNCG, I realized that there are so many more things that I had not yet seen on this campus. These things include campus life, the great diversity that so many of us do not get to see, like me growing up, people that are so passionate about what they do. These do not even scratch the surface of the many great things about my campus.


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Why I Love Marist College

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Kyle Smith from Marist College

Ever wake up in the morning and think “There is NOTHING to do today!”? Well at Marist, us Red Foxes never have had that problem. We all are so involved that there is always something to be done. Everyone at our school is involved with something, whether it is a club, sport or even a Fraternity or Sorority. The students at Marist have a big say about what goes on around campus. We have a student government that helps make decisions about what will happen for events on campus. Everyone at Marist is so involved and it is a smaller campus so everyone knows everyone! Marist College is the perfect school, and the moment I walked onto the campus for the first time, I was in love, and I knew I would be going there.

Why I Love UNC Charlotte

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Julian Walker from University of North Carolina – Charlotte

As someone who transferred from another school that I loved, I am glad to say that UNC Charlotte feels like a second home. The campus is modern, but beautiful at the same time. There are many places on campus that make you want to just sit and enjoy the view. The people here are some of the most interesting I’ve ever met. I love UNC Charlotte because if you take the time to explore the campus, oppurtunity is everywhere. Whether if its meeting someone new in Prospector or going to campus event in the Student Union, almost everything you can do here is an oppurtunity to grow as a person.


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