“SEO is a marketing function for sure,
but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

Why I Love Marist College

Meet Brand Ambassador Candidate, Kyle Smith from Marist College

Ever wake up in the morning and think “There is NOTHING to do today!”? Well at Marist, us Red Foxes never have had that problem. We all are so involved that there is always something to be done. Everyone at our school is involved with something, whether it is a club, sport or even a Fraternity or Sorority. The students at Marist have a big say about what goes on around campus. We have a student government that helps make decisions about what will happen for events on campus. Everyone at Marist is so involved and it is a smaller campus so everyone knows everyone! Marist College is the perfect school, and the moment I walked onto the campus for the first time, I was in love, and I knew I would be going there.

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