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but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

21st Century Coupons: A New Way To Save Money

While many smart savers utilize daily deals like Groupon and Livingsocial, few shoppers, particularly within the 18-25 demographic, make good use of coupons. Coupons are those small slips of paper that your grandparents cut out and take to the grocery store in a giant stack. But similar to how your grandma reads a physical newspaper rather than an online version, obtaining and using coupons nowadays is far easier. After a good amount of research, I have identified 4 really useful sites for finding working coupons and explained what makes each site unique.

1. Slickdeals - This is America, which means everyone gets a vote. Slickdeals is powered by its faithful users and works like a forum or thread. People go on and post deals and promotions, and other users vote the deal up or down or comment on the original post. This allows people to cite problems, concerns or added savings on the sale. Thanks to the constantly updated information, the deals and sales on the site are fairly accurate and always changing.  

He just saved a bunch using online coupons.


2. Coupons.com – This site is for those who still like to shop and save old school and in person. Coupons.com is easily the biggest online option of it’s kind and essentially has digitized the part of your newspaper that grandma cuts out. Unlike other coupon sites, Coupons.com offers print-out coupons that you can use in-store. You can save a tree with the mobile app, and present the deal on your phone, having it scanned at checkout at participating retailers. 

3. RetailMeNot.com –  Similar to Slickdeals, this coupon site gives power to the user. Users are able to rate a given coupon code as having worked or not. The idea here is to weed out a lot of the bad or non-functioning coupon codes out there. When navigating this site, utilize the old right click when selecting a coupon and “Open link in new tab” so that you don’t lose your spot at RetailMeNot.

4. FatWallet – Before you ever make an online purchase for anything, make sure there isn’t a coupon for that item, or a similar item, hiding somewhere on line. Powered by the members, FatWallet offers a huge selection of coupons; however saving isn’t the only incentive members receive. As an active member of the FatWallet community, you also earn cash back as you save. In other words, as you make discounted purchases at “Cash Back Stores” through FatWallet, your account accumulates money and you can cash out. Essentially, you are making money saving money.

While obviously we are huge fans of daily deals, coupons are a different breed of saving. Instead of buying a deal like you would on Groupon, with a coupon you are applying savings to a particular item. Moreover, coupons are usually for saving on household items like groceries rather than something like sky-diving lessons.

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