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Barack Obama’s Second Chance

We may have dodged a bullet here. We also might not have. Fortunately, those are dice we’ll never roll. Over the last few weeks I found myself thinking Mitt Romney might actually win this thing. But alas, we will be subjected to another four years of Barack Obama. I for one, could be a lot more excited. But this is a huge victory for my country and in particular, my generation.

After four years of constant sabotage by the Republican Party, Barack Obama has not lost enough votes to lose his job. But, it wasn’t easy. Not only was this President handed some of the most disastrous economic circumstances ever, a runaway train of a budget and two wars, but he had to navigate the most intense partisan opposition ever concocted. This opposition orchestrated the most dysfunctional Congress in history, and abused the filibuster in disturbing fashion. But while Tea Party Senators are falling left and right, Barack Obama is still standing. This shows a drastic shift in the public conscience and awareness.

When you consider how hard this President was obstructed, and how far short of some of his goals he fell, it was tough to win back a lot of those votes he got in 2008. But the American people saw Mitt Romney in the primaries. They saw the GOP go further and further right and, most importantly, they watched a spineless businessman latch on, albeit reluctantly, to an increasingly insane party. The American people understood what it would mean to elect that bastard. But I’m not interested in Mitt Romney anymore. It’s time to celebrate some of the things this re-election could mean for our country.

Church and State
While Barack Obama is a Christian, he sincerely understands the importance of the separation of church and state. He knows that our founding fathers were not religious figures. He knows that while his religion’s establishment might not agree with things like abortion and gay marriage, they don’t dictate the laws for secular citizens in a secular nation. As each generation gets less tied to organized religion, it’s important that our president doesn’t cater to to their regressive social outbursts.


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Why Every College Student Must Vote For Mitt Romney

We’ll blame this blog’s tardiness on Hurricane Sandy. Just a day late is the Waspit blog post spelling out why every college student should vote for Mitt Romney. If you haven’t read the why you should vote for Obama blog yet, make sure you also do that… After all, these are for you to better understand your options next week.

Keep in mind, this is a guest blog written by a college student who is not employed by or associated with Waspit. These views are not necessarily aligned with the company’s and should be received as the writer’s opinion, not Waspit’s. Waspit will not share its opinion on the matter, but we love to promote a fair democracy and help offer an abundance of information for more informed decisions.

If you vote by party lines, do not read any farther.

As an Independent voter, I will vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

I will not vote for this candidate because he stands against what President Barack Obama stands for. I am not even entirely with either candidate on a multitude of issues. The polarization of politics has created such resentment among the parties that people have begun to forget what the candidates stand for. Simply voting Nobama or no-mormons in my Oval Office destroys the purpose of voting in America.

Ideologyphobia as I will call it, has made many people forget that we live in a democracy. Each person in a democracy is allowed to have their own vote to cast, and another person’s thoughts and ideas are not wrong simply because they do not correlate to their neighbors’ views.

Whoever votes differently than myself was given the opportunity afforded to each of us living within these states. I do not get tempted to angrily dissuade someone when they have a view other than mine. That is perfectly OK but one of us will be with the majority, and subsequently the winning side. When that is the case, the yielding voter must acknowledge democracy as a tool that must never be extinguished.

I am voting for Mitt Romney because our federal government is receiving the largest annual tax revenue in the history of mankind and is still struggling to reduce the deficit. I spend within my own personal budget and when my checkbook is empty, it’s empty.


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Why Every College Student Must Vote For Barack Obama

With elections a week away it is finally time to cast your vote for the next president of the United States. Some of you are probably very sure about who you are voting for, while others, and I would guess most, are still undecided. That’s why to help you make a choice, we are providing two guest blogs this week telling you why you should vote for Barack Obama (today’s post) and why you should vote for Mitt Romney. For team Mitt, visit here.  

Keep in mind, this is a guest blog written by a college student who is not employed by or associated with Waspit. These views are not necessarily aligned with the company’s and should be received as the writer’s opinion, not Waspit’s. Waspit will not share its opinion on the matter, but we love to promote a fair democracy and help offer an abundance of information for more informed decisions. 

If you are a heterosexual white male who nets more than $500,000 a year, you may not want to vote for Barack Obama. However, if you fall into any other category, then on November 6th you should cast your ballot to reelect the President. Most college students fall into the latter category, but may not realize how seriously this election will affect them and their future. I will highlight a few issues that directly concern students now and also will shape much of their adult life.

An issue close to any college-aged student’s heart is how to finance continuing education. Barack Obama reshaped how the federal government distributes Pell Grants, and as a consequence has invested over $50 billion dollars that would have gone to private banking firms back into these grants that help middle-class families send their kids to college. He also raised the maximum Pell Grant award and has almost doubled the number of people receiving this funding. President Obama implemented a program to cap the amount of money a graduate is expected to repay on their loans to 10% of their income, and he also maintained the low interest rates on federally subsidized Stafford loans that were supposed to double, saving students thousands as they begin their careers. As a comparison, Paul Ryan would like to cut the Pell Grants program by $200 billion.


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Social Media And College Students

I believe it’s safe to say that Facebook and Twitter will be completely different in a matter of a year’s time.

Gen Y- 1980-2000, Gen X- 1965-1980, Boomers- 1946-1964 Seniors- <1964

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving. Likewise, social applications and sites are evolving as well. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and a million other social media sites are all transforming into the tools that our generation is using to our advantage. People that were born 10 years before us are kicking themselves in the butt because they don’t have the same opportunities that we do to network, connect with one another, and be productive.

For the college students of the world, social media is the norm. If you’re in college and you don’t have a Facebook account, chances are you’re not that cool. As students, we use sites like Facebook to look up who our roommates are before we move in or easily find people who we think are cute and then stalk them over the inter-webs. More importantly, we use this social site to connect with group mates from our classes or to build our online presence for future employers.

Why is this so special, you ask?


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RAMP Conference in Chicago

Last week Waspit was one of the sponsors at the RAMP Alternate Payments and Mobile Retail Services Summit in Chicago.

The conference provided a platform for retailers and companies in the payments sector to debate POS solutions, technologies, payment ecosystems, loyalty programs, mobile coupons, and many other topics sensitive to retailers today.  All the leading players within the respective industries were there – MasterCard, AMEX, Google Wallet, ISIS, Discover as well as many leading retailers such as Macy’s, McDonald’s, BP and Sears .

Obviously contactless and mobile payments featured heavily at this year’s conference – particularly in reference to the interchange merchants now have to pay on micro-transactions.


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PayBook or FacePal : Can it really work?

In an obvious move, PayPal have joined forces with Facebook with an application which allows users to send money to their peers on the world’s largest networking site. While not exactly a revolutionary move (considering how quickly Facebook is merging with our everyday lives), it’s still a great idea and will no doubt be used for a number of reasons by a number of Facebook users.

The app is titled Send Money, and it appears the functionality will be just as straightforward as its name suggests. All you need to do is choose an e-card (or choose to skip a card altogether), select the lucky friend, decide how much you want to spend and send it away. PayPal’s Anuj Nayer says this merge is just another way of personalising the act of giving money.

The good news for consumers is that it’s a free service, as the money is being sent peer to peer. As long as the transaction is from a PayPal account or linked to a high street bank account, users will not pay any fees aside from PayPal’s usual charges on international transactions.  Journalist and blogger Ben Parr of Mashable.com says workers at the social media website are sure this move will take off due to the ease of sending a quickie birthday present or reimbursing mates for drinks and lunches.


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