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Why Every College Student Must Vote For Mitt Romney

We’ll blame this blog’s tardiness on Hurricane Sandy. Just a day late is the Waspit blog post spelling out why every college student should vote for Mitt Romney. If you haven’t read the why you should vote for Obama blog yet, make sure you also do that… After all, these are for you to better understand your options next week.

Keep in mind, this is a guest blog written by a college student who is not employed by or associated with Waspit. These views are not necessarily aligned with the company’s and should be received as the writer’s opinion, not Waspit’s. Waspit will not share its opinion on the matter, but we love to promote a fair democracy and help offer an abundance of information for more informed decisions.

If you vote by party lines, do not read any farther.

As an Independent voter, I will vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

I will not vote for this candidate because he stands against what President Barack Obama stands for. I am not even entirely with either candidate on a multitude of issues. The polarization of politics has created such resentment among the parties that people have begun to forget what the candidates stand for. Simply voting Nobama or no-mormons in my Oval Office destroys the purpose of voting in America.

Ideologyphobia as I will call it, has made many people forget that we live in a democracy. Each person in a democracy is allowed to have their own vote to cast, and another person’s thoughts and ideas are not wrong simply because they do not correlate to their neighbors’ views.

Whoever votes differently than myself was given the opportunity afforded to each of us living within these states. I do not get tempted to angrily dissuade someone when they have a view other than mine. That is perfectly OK but one of us will be with the majority, and subsequently the winning side. When that is the case, the yielding voter must acknowledge democracy as a tool that must never be extinguished.

I am voting for Mitt Romney because our federal government is receiving the largest annual tax revenue in the history of mankind and is still struggling to reduce the deficit. I spend within my own personal budget and when my checkbook is empty, it’s empty.


Yes, I agree that the wealthy should pay their fair share, but not at the expense of a blank check spending government. The richest man in the world has $60 billion to his name. Our government spends $3,522 billion every single year. It is a number that not many people throughout human history could even fathom finding ways to spend. Not even French monarchs or Saudi princes could tell you they spend, in relative terms, that much yearly.

All joking aside, Mr. POTUS says he has made massive cuts to the budget, which he will proudly stand by. If I run an organization that spends $3,522 billion every year and is still in the hole $1,200 billion, I’m going straight to the accountant and saying, “what do we not need.”

If people dealing with their own personal finance issues can afford to buy the lower quality milk or the lower quality eggs to save 5 % of their weekly budget, I believe the government should too. Some may argue with the notion, but those who think that our government needs to spend $3,522 billion should rethink the price of money and the value of what’s being bought.

I am voting for Mitt Romney because he worked successfully with people across the aisle in Massachussets. If a politician wishes to blackball the people across the aisle, then they have forgotten the sole purpose of democracy. I cannot support a President of The United States who is willing to stoop to the level of television pundits to portray his thoughts of the opposing party. Disagreement is part of politics and finding a way to compromise is the difference between a good and bad politician. If two 5 year old kids get in a fight, and can find a way to work it out, then any elected politician should as well.

The issues of each candidate go far and wide, but this November our country will choose the direction we are going. My vote goes to Mitt. I am one person out of 314,679,760 people. What’s your vote?

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