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Airplane Apps, Games You Can Play Unconnected

During your journey back to school, there is a good chance you’ll be in some mode of transportation where you won’t have a phone connection or can’t access the internet. Whether it be a plane, an underground train or you have spotty service and you’re driving through Idaho, you may need some new games that don’t require a connection. Here are our favorites:

1. Nik- The Impossible Game is easily the most frustrating gaming app ever created. After purchasing what looked like a not-so-impossible game, I spent what felt like 3 days trying to get past the first level. The game consists of one control – tapping the screen to jump a square over spikes and blocks. It costs a dollar, but I actually deleted it off my phone because I played it and failed at it so much. The Impossible Game nearly ruined my life… Here are links to the iPhone and Androidapps so it can potentially ruin yours too.

Me losing for the seventeenth time in 47 seconds.


2. Eugene – “ALLLLWAYS I WANT TO BEEE WITH YOU, MAKE BELLIEEEVE WITH YOU, AND LIVE IN HARMONY HARMONY, OHH LOOVE.” Do you want all your wishes to come true?! Of course you do! You are a Robotic Unicorn with rainbows coming out of your anus! Oh my gosh, this is everything you’ve ever wanted. Why aren’t you playing this yet? (What Eugene didn’t say is that the game is called Robot Unicorn Attack, available on both Android andiPhone devices. You can also see what the hell he is talking about on the online game.)

3. Dan- If you’re ever stuck on the train or in an office that has no wifi connection, and you need something to help pass the time, Fruit Ninja might be the best option for you. It is a fun and quirky game where you slice flying fruit with the swipe of a finger while avoiding explosive bombs. It starts off simple enough, but as you get deeper into the game, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the explosive bombs. There have been times where I missed my stop while riding the train because I was so into this game. I have definitely received quite a few weird looks from onlookers as I frantically swiped my finger along my iPhone screen trying to slice fruit. Here are the iPhone and Android apps.


4. Kimberly- Checkers! I can’t think of the last time I played before this summer. It was also a not-so-nice reminder of how not-so-good I am at the game. Regardless, I’ve definitely gotten better over these summer months being that it is one of the only apps I can use on the train when passing through the service-less areas. You can play versus a computer, a random opponent (requires service), or with a friend. That is, if you’re fortunate enough to have someone with the same commute as you. I wouldn’t recommend waking up any sleeping commuters, especially if you’re in the quiet car. It’s free, it passes the time, and it requires a lot more strategy than a game that makes you jump a box over “spikes” or “chop” fruit with your finger. Here are the iPhone and Android apps.


Checkers is more fun than chess, but this picture is cute.

5. Kasey Nik- He claims he’s busy as Vice President of bla bla bla and doesn’t have time for such trivial things, but I call him a slacker and bitter because he has an outdated Android. So this week, I will write on two apps because I, as “author” of this post, refuse to have a list of only four apps. Although, this required me having to figure out what games Kasey likes. After some thought, I realized he obviously plays Dragon, Fly! whenever he’s stuck underground on the Long Island Railroad.This adorable, little game caters to Kasey’s soft side and involves flying a baby dragon away from its worried mother who wants to get it back to the nest. Awwww! When I played it I found it slightly addicting and could see the appeal. However, once I put it down I had no trouble going on with my life and I understood why it received a star and a half in the App Store (curiously, almost five stars on Google Play though – must be Kasey’s vote). Here are the Android and iPhone apps.

Those are just a few apps of millions you can use without a connection. Obviously, airplane mode apps aren’t just limited to games. Kindle is always a safe bet for flights too.

What gaming apps, or any app for that matter, do you use when you don’t have reception or a connection?

Would you rather read than play a game?

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