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The Best 6 Sites to Listen to Free Music

Since the days of Napster, we have pretty much grown accustom to listening to our music online and for free. More so in the last decade, companies have found a way to give their audience free music while still operating legally and paying the recording artists. In this blog post, I’m going to examine some of the best places to find free music on the internet.

1. The Hype Machine- The Hype Machine aggregates MP3s from the music blogosphere into one organized website. Newer songs are listed on the front page along with popular songs that have gained likes. Similar to what Reddit does with popular articles, HypeM does with individual song tracks. HypeM is great because it gives power to the bloggers that are discovering and spreading the music while at the same time making it easy for me and you to locate the music on one uniform site.


2. Pandora- Pandora is the most popular radio music player. By entering a category or artist, Pandora designs a playlist of similar songs. Launching in 2002, it has reached over 100 million users. You can also use the product commercial free on your smartphone by purchasing Pandora One for $3.99 a month.

3. Last.fm- Last.fm is the British answer to Pandora and is similar in that it is a radio inspired music player. I, personally, like it better because I think it does a better job finding similar songs with its “recommender tool” called Audioscrobbler. It also differs from Pandora in that it has a social aspect that allows you to share music with friends and write on people’s profile. In addition, it provides artists’ biographies as well as upcoming tour dates and album releases.

4. Turntable.fm- Turntable is an awesome way to play music with friends. Basically, Turntable is a chat room for music, where up to five people can take turns playing their own chosen song. There is a huge selection of songs available and there is even an upload button if you can’t find your song. You can even award points when one of your friends plays a good song and vote to skip a song if you don’t like one. It’s the perfect option for group studying, working in an office or even party.

5. Songza- Kasey touched on Songza last week in our favorite All-American Apps post, but you can also use it on your computer. A relatively new concept, Songza actually has preset playlists that you choose depending on your situation or mood. For example, after a long days work you can find a relaxation playlist or a study playlist (with OR without lyrics) personally curated by a professional at Songza. At first I will admit I wasn’t a fan of the idea — “I can play my own music, I don’t need a Songza curator to do it for me.” However, after listening to some playlists, I discovered a lot of songs I didn’t know and found that the playlist was pretty accurate and appropriate for the designated category.

6. Spotify- Spotify has emerged as the top music player, and now, because it is so heavily integrated into Facebook it really has no limits. With those social media capabilities, you can easily share your music with friends and see what other people are listening to in real time. Unlike the radio platforms, Spotify allows you to play any song you want as many times as you want with only the  occasional commercial. Whereas Spotify may seem like old news, you’d be surprised at how many emails I get a day telling me “Your friend, ______, just joined Spotify!”

Where do you stream free music?

If you had to rank these six, what would your list look like?

Is Spotify the best?

What features are you looking for in a website that streams free music?

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