“SEO is a marketing function for sure,
but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

God Bless the Apps of America

The Waspit Team’s Favorite All-American Apps

The Waspit Team has decided that we’ll have a monthly post listing our five favorite apps. The catch is that they will pertain to a specific theme that I, as author, will decide on. There are five of us, young-ins, who use apps (regularly, at least) so that’s why we’re just including us from the office. Since it is America’s birthday month we are celebrating by sharing our favorite apps that relate to America or the American culture (so basically anything – we are being easy on ourselves  because it’s the first go around).

1. Kimberly- I can’t complain about being the only girl in the office, but I’m assuming everyone is expecting me to name an app like Instagram or Pinterest. While I am a huge fan of both, I’ll admit that I can have a pretty nerdy side that most people don’t usually get to know. So with the topic of America and the Fourth of July in mind, I thought of one of my top, most used apps – “Drudge Report“. It’s the perfect read for morning train rides. Presidential campaign updates and celebrity gossip all in one, something I really can’t complain about! Get the iPhone and Android Apps.


2. Daniel- Who doesn’t love food? More importantly, who doesn’t love trying great new food? With the “Foodspotting” app,you’re able to discover and share great dishes in your area. Users can see photos of the best-rated dishes nearby, search for a specific food, or look up a restaurant and see what particular dishes are good there. The best part about this app is that it is all visual. Rather than reading about how great a dish tasted, you are able to get a visual of the dish through photos people have posted. After you download this app you’ll spend less time deciding on where to eat, and more time actually eating. Get the iPhone and Android Apps.

3. Eugene- My favorite app is “Background Check” by the the company Been Verified. The app lets you run background checks on all of your favorite people! You can retrieve a list of their relatives, their current and previous addresses, and their criminal history (if any). Now, what’s more American and patriotic than running a background check on your shady neighbor? I mean, we all know that the powder spilling from his pockets isn’t sugar. This app is great and epitomizes the American way of life; trust no one. Get the iPhone and Android Apps.

4. Nik- Is there anything more American than drinking to the brink of irresponsibility? Maybe doing it for as little money as possible.  An awesome app called, “Happy Hours“ helps you reach your drunken dreams and on a pretty penny. Happy Hours is a  location based app and provides a list of nearby establishments that are having happy hour drink specials. It can sort the bars by distance, popularity, and Editor’s Picks, and also provides the drink specials and a map. The app is available on iPhone and Android. Remember always be responsible when drinking and always have a designated driver! Get the iPhone and Android Apps.

5.Kasey- One thing that always lightens the mood is music. Now I think everyone has heard of Pandora, which is why I want to introduce a new app some of you might not have heard of called “Songza“. Songza allows you to select an activity or mood and then suggest premade playlists for you to listen to. The service streams all music which is great if you’re worried about storage space on your phone. Whether you are sleeping or at a party, Songza has a playlist for you. Get the iPhone and Android Apps.

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