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but it needs to be baked into a product,
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Duane Forrester

The Ultimate Debate: iPhone vs. Android

Among the age old debates, one stands supreme… Democrat or Republican? Psh no, they’re pretty much the same thing nowadays! Israel or Palestine? Come on, that’s never been a major historical issue!  Coke or Pepsi? Who gives a hoot?

Sarcasm aside, I’m talking about Apple vs. Android. More specifically the iPhone and iOS6 vs. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. In this blog, I will defend Apple while Waspit CMO and avid Android fanboy, Kasey Kaplan will defend Android.

Why Apple?
First I will dive in on why Apple’s mobile phone is far superior. As a physical specimen, the iPhone’s premium metal and glass build reign supreme over the competition. The home page and general interface on the iPhone, although lacking serious personalization options, use vibrant colors and demonstrate Apple’s devotion to minimalism and a simple user experience.

Sure, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to change your theme or add widgets, but you’ll also never end up with a home screen like this.


Admittedly, there is a ton more under the home screen of an Android than the iPhone and there is no doubt users have a plethora of more options to personalize their phone, but too many? Perhaps. Most people get overwhelmed by the amount of freedom (or, lack of order) you have and it leads to frustration. Well at least for the 22% of people that are done with Androids and plan to switch to iPhone for their next phone.

This simple approach to user experience creates and perpetuates consistency among Apple products and between Apple users. When I borrow someone’s iPhone, I have an exact idea of what I’m looking for and where to find it. The same cannot be said on Android phones, where 15 different manufacturers distribute somewhere around 70 different models.

That consistency translates directly to Apple’s ecosystem. Since both the products and the software are created by Apple for Apple, there are fewer variables equating to better synergy between products. Furthermore, if I have guests over to my apartment, anyone can play music on my Airplay (by my, I mean my roommate’s) once they are connected to the wifi.

When comparing the best of the best of Androids to the newest iPhone, the Android definitely wins some categories and I’m not going to sit here and say an iPhone’s the best option for everyone. Most Androids have expandable storage, bigger screens, universal charging ports and give more freedom and options to the user. However, for some reason, a majority of Apple users and Android users alike have sided in the past and are currently trending towards the iPhone. In a survey that was conducted in September, current Android users were 2.4 times more likely to switch to an iPhone than vice versa. Whether it be because of the immensely bigger app and media catalog, the outstanding customer service or simply excellent marketing, Apple probably isn’t getting too hung up on why.

Kasey: Why Android?
Do you know what company has NOT been innovative when it comes to mobile OSs in the past couple of years? Thats right, (cr)Apple. In fact all the great features people are now talking about on iOS 6 such as navigation, panoramic pictures, and “a bigger screen” have been incorporated into Android for years. In 2009 my girlfriend bought an HTC Hero that has better navigation functionality than crApple Maps, which just debuted in iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. In fact crApple’s CEO, Tim Cook made a public announcement apologizing for how bad the quality of iMaps is. I feel all that crApple has done over the last year or so is sue companies, most notably Samsung, for infringing on concepts that they somehow managed to patent, like a rounded rectangular shapes. I can’t wait for crApple to get into the TV game and see if the major players sue them… just saying.

Before I get into all the amazing features of Android, I have to admit, not all versions of the Android OS and phones are good. In fact some of the earlier OSs such as everything pre-FroYo and even Gingerbread had missing features. For those of you reading, if you had/have an earlier version of an Android phone, I would highly recommend thinking about trying out one of the new Android phones on the market. Many have a better screen resolution than iPhones, better hardware, and in my opinion, more user customizability.

So why should you get an Android phone? The ecosystem is amazing. Everything you actually use like Gmail, Google Docs/Drive, and your calendar seamlessly sync to the cloud. What I love most about Android is the customizability. In every app I can alter the setting how I like them. If I want to change a phone setting, I can access the master settings. It makes sense for anyone who wants control. Not to mention just about every Android phone has a built in back button and menu button so it is easy navigate. Also the multi-tasking abilities are amazing. It is so easy to jump in and out of apps and “kill” them when no longer in use.

Another fantastic feature is how, without any software, users can drag and drop songs, ringtones, pictures, and movies to and from any computer by plugging it in via a micro USB port. And have you heard of NFC? (cr)Apple hasn’t  This allows for numerous functionalities like transferring pictures and videos by touching phones together (most notably seen in the Galaxy S3 commercials) to making payments via digital wallets. And just in case you are saying “iOS has Siri!”, Google has Google Now and it outperforms Siri. What’s that? iOS has iChat? Android has at least 5 video messaging clients that are supported such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype.

I can go on and on about why Android is the right choice for consumers. In fact, I think most of the haters out there are users who have used iOS and then tried Android. News flash, people hate change and there is a learning curve for almost everything in life. So for those of you who are saying iOS is so easy to use, what you really mean is it is extremely limiting.

Make the right choice, be an informed consumer instead of a sheep, and choose Android.

The Wrap Up
Ultimately, whichever phone you choose, there is really no going wrong in getting a top of the line Android phone or iPhone 5. You will be able to do most of the same functions, use similar apps and the phone bills will be identical between the two. The most important thing is that Waspit will be available in both the App Store and Google Play and the Waspit mobile tag will work on any phone, regardless of whether you have an Android phone, iPhone, Blackberry, an old LG flip-phone, etc.

What phone will you be getting these holidays?

Do you agree with the points made in this post?

What are the specific strengths and weaknesses of each?

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