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10 Things You Must Watchout For When Buying A Daily Deal

Daily deals are great since they’re pretty much free money off your favorite products and services. But what many consumers don’t know is that more and more merchants who are distributing deals through daily deal websites, like Groupon, are including restrictions within the fine print. You know those “Terms and Conditions” boxes you always check off that you’ve read and agreed to without actually reading? The main thing to keep in mind is read the “fine print” sections of a deal that generally spell out the restrictions. Without reviewing a deal’s conditions, you may purchase a deal that you cannot use because of its limitations which ultimately may cause you to lose money.


Below are are 10 common conditions you should watch out for:

1. Blackout dates

This is one of the top things to look out for in the terms and conditions of a daily deal. Often, deals are only redeemable during certain times and days. Make sure you are happy with these specifications on the deals you purchase, especially if you are planning on using the deal on a specific time or date. Dates and times that are often excluded are holidays, weekends, and at night.

2. Location

Sometimes deals can only be used at certain locations. Make sure you are content with these locations before making a purchase. If you live in New York, you probably don’t want to buy a deal that can only be used in California locations.

3. Expiration date

Deals often come with expiration dates. Make sure you know what that date is before buying a deal. It would be a waste of money if you planned on using a deal next month which expires next week.

4. Order/purchase limit

Some deals include limits on what the discount is valid for. For example, you may buy a deal that says it will take 40% off of your dinner. However, the deal could be explicitly for the main entree, and not for appetizers or dessert. It is important to be aware of what your purchased deals actually apply to.

5. Required tips

A deal to a restaurant may force a gratuity fee onto the bill. Read the fine print to avoid any surprise charges on the bill.

6. Customer limit

Make sure you’re aware of how many people can use a single deal or how many of the same deal you can purchase. Sometimes only one person can be included on a single deal and often only one deal can be bought by a person.

7. Customer type

Some deals may allow only certain consumers to buy them. For example, a deal may only be allowed to be purchased by a new customer. Look out for this to avoid purchasing deals you’re not eligible for.

8. Delivery fee

If you are purchasing an item, there could be an additional delivery fee that is not included in the deal price. Also, the price of the deal could change if the delivery address is outside of the local zip code.

9. Return policy

When purchasing a deal item make sure you read about the return policy. It often includes detailed information on how many days you have to return an item (if at all) and if you can return damaged items. Rather than just assuming you know what the return policy is, like people often do, make sure to review it so you are confident with the return conditions.

10. Situation

It’s important to know which situations you can use a deals in. Some deals must be used all at once and others might be allowed to be split between different purchases. It would be unfortunate if you bought a deal that you planned on splitting between two visits to a store and find out that you have to use the whole deal at once.

Wrap up:

Now that you know the important things to look for in the fine print of a deal, you can feel confident about buying one. Using deals is a great way to save money, and understanding the restrictions will allow you to buy the ones that will ultimately maximize your savings.

Do you have any suggestions on what to watch out for when purchasing deals?

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