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3 Childhood Lessons that will Follow You to College

For some, moving into your freshman dorm is the first time you will ever have to share a room with another person. And what makes it worse, is that this certain someone hasbeen a complete stranger in your life up until now. Sure, we can Facebook creep and Google their names all we want, but seeing what sports they play or what their favorite movies are, is no indication of how good, or bad, of a roommate they will be. What you can control however, is how great of a roommate you can be!

The following guidelines should ring a bell and will probably bring you back to the days of snack time and building blocks.


Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover.

While freshman move in day is a very exciting time for most students, keep in mind that it can be a scary time for others. Not to mention a very emotional day for parents specifically. Give your roommate a chance to break out of their shell and don’t forget that how you act is also their first impression of you.

Don’t be afraid to tell your new roommate some of the things that are pet peeves of yours off the bat. And in return, do be open to listen to theirs. Just because you are a neat-freak does not give you the right to scold them for their side of the room being a little messy. Set guidelines from the beginning and avoid unnecessary confrontation down the road.

Treat Others the Way You’d like to be Treated.

Most dorms will have “courtesy hours” that require you to be as quiet as possible on weekdays, but that doesn’t mean that you should bring the party back to your room on a Saturday night. Speaking of bringing things back on Saturday nights… no one likes waking up in the morning to an unexpected visitor. Always try give your roommate a heads up or if all else fails, leave a tie or scrunchy on the door knob.

If you borrow an article of clothing, offer to wash it, and always give it back right away. If you drink the last of the Brita water, fill it back up. Or, if you’re in the situation where you need to lend someone money, write it down, and do not be afraid to ask what you’re owed until you get it back in full.

Sharing is Caring.

While some roommates are picky about sharing their dorm-room food, local food merchants are almost always advertising deals or handing out coupon books on campus if you ever decide to order in. On the other hand, you can definitely cut expenses in half by splitting your dorm room essentials. Not sure what those are? Check them out on our blog “9 Things you can Share with Your Roommate”. Grocery or dorm room shopping is a great time to bond with your roommate even if you’re buying things that you won’t necessarily share.

Let us know if you have any room-sharing tips of your own. Or, if you’re feeling risky, feel free to share some of your own roommate experiences!

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